warranty & Cancellations


At V-Revive we provide customers with a 100% satisfaction and sense of security by providing them with an onsite support warranty and after sale service.
All products are handled and delivered by trained personnel who will handle and assemble the products and will also instruct you as to the proper way to use the products.
In any case of technical or mechanical issue, please contact us on our customer service number 078080841 with confidence.

All portable products are covered with a 15 months warranty and all massage chairs are covered with 24 months of warranty.
The warranty services provided by V-Revive covers all types of interventions, including travel costs, as well as the cost of spare parts and labor.
Depending on the nature of the problem your product may have, V-Revive’s Technical Department will decide whether the product requires:

1. To be fully replaced
2. To be repaired at your location
3. To be picked up and transported to our repair shop.

We provide warranty service extensions if requested. You can choose to extend the warranty from 2 years to up to 5 years. The annual cost of warranty depends on the product and model of each product.

Warranty cancellation

There are certain situations that may lead to cancellation or void the warranty.
1.If the product has a physical damage
2.If the product has been damaged by water or any other liquid.
3.If the product has been damaged by fire or exposed to fire.
4.If the product has been kept in an improper condition, if it has been repeatedly used in an environment with significant temperature differences, which cause condensation or solar radiation.
5.If the product has been used with third party accessories other than the ones provided with the product.
6.Misuse or abuse of the product in any physical form