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Our feet are the one’s that carry the entire body weight and its very important that we take good care of them. However, most of us neglect the feet.

Targeted Reflexology Massage

-We have introduced the v-foot pro keeping everything in mind. The v-foot pro focuses on the traditional style of reflexology.

-The v-foot pro specially works and focuses on the pressure points and stimulates blood flow and release stress.

– V-Foot pro delivers a strong sole massage and is capable of releving your sole pain, while it stimulates your feets reflex zones to heal body ailments and aches.

Reflexology Benefits

1. Improves body Circulation
2. Relase Endorphons
3. Release stress
4. Promotes relaxation
5. Helps get rid of swolen feet
6. Improves health
7. Promotes Healing

Washable cloth for hygiene

The fabric that covers the base can be easily removed and washed for better hygiene.

Technology is often the main reason for our stress, because it keeps us on our feet, and gives us a long list of things to do.
V-Foot Pro revolutionizes the equation: our research and development department puts technology at the service of your health and wellbeing. No stress!

Human Touch Massage

V-foot pro comprises of 6 massage modes with various intensity and heal levels.
All professional massage techniques are packed into one awesome massages.

1. kneeding plates(great for versatile massage)

2. Massage rolles nodes

3. Reflex rollers(Foot Reflexology)

4. heat therapy(for better blood circulation)

Amazing Spa Experience

In 2010 two physicists received the Nobel prize for discovering graphene, a form of carbon with amazing capabilities that originate from the wonderful world of quantum physics.
This year, V Foot Pro uses graphene to benefit your health. Used as a heat conductor this novel carbon based material far surpasses the performance of all known materials. The infrared radiation it emits is considered ideal therapy for natural healthcare.

A space of absolute comfort

Advanced eco-materials

V Foot Pro uses advanced synthetic polyurethane leather, that has a fine texture and pleasing aesthetic. The surface is delicate to the touch, and comfortable from the onset. It is easy to clean with a simple wet cloth. V Foot Pro is certified to be in accordance with all environmental and quality standards.
This is a guarantee to the fact that in the making of the product nu materials have been used that would be harmful to man or to the environment. The production process is in compliance with the Directive on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

Product Specifications

Auto programs 4
Manual modes 6
Vibration therapy yes
Heating yes
Reflexology yes
Auto times 20 minutes
Weight 6kg Approx
Voltage 12v
Airbags yes