V-Back Ultra

Not just a regular back massager. Trustable all-in-one, full bodies wonder. Change the way you sleep, stand and work. All you need to do is just sit back and relax. The new V-Back Ultra is designed in a manner to easily adjust on your back, shoulders, neck, calves and thighs. 1 massager, multiple uses.

Now with the extra layer of padding, the 3d rollers don’t pinch or hurt your body. The V-Back Ultra is one of the best tools to –

  • Ease and relieve body pain
  • Ease muscle tensions
  • Promote good sleep
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Get rid of muscle knots

V Back ultra has an upgraded heating system that works very strongly on fatigue and tension. The 3D rollers are ideal for all parts of the body and super easy to use at home or at work.

The upgraded 3D rollers go clockwise as well as anticlockwise. With an auto timer of 60 seconds, the roller blades change their direction and give a super wow feeling. The multi directional massage style helps break the knots and feel fantastic on the body.
V-Back ultra comes with a car adaptor that makes it portable and easy to use while on the go. The super light massager can be carried very easily and is also super easy to use. With a single button you can choose the intensity, the heat setting and even the direction of the rollers.
Now you choose the intensity of the massager. V-Back ultra comes with an extra layer of padding. For soft massage just let the padding stay on the rollers, however for a strong deep tissue massage, take the extra padding off and enjoy a strong point massage.