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Muscle Massage Gun

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You can use it Pre-Worked to warm up the muscles and Post-Workout to decrease tightness and soreness.

The benefit includes decreased stress, pain and tissue tension to enhanced recovery, blood circulation and range of motion. Advantage of our massage gun.

Powering it on, the thrill continues as the brushless motor seamlessly and smoothly hums along, delivering enough percussive force to squash even the sorest of muscles. The M1 has 5 variable motor speeds, allowing you to modulate the intensity of the massage.


The benefits of using the muscle massage gun from V-Revive are endless! After countless trial and error, the team here has finally found the formula and solution to fatigued, sore and tired body. The massage gun has proven to reduce inflammation by eliminating extracellular fluids (such as lymph and venous) out of the muscle tissue and into the circulatory system. Now relax those tensed muscles and rejuvenate your sore tissue and stiff muscles. The massage gun sends vibrations throughout the body which helps relax and relieve the tension out of the muscles. The massage gun has been proven to be effective to increase athletic performance and acts as a pre workout before you hit the gym.

5 gear positions

Choose the intensity of the massage, with a single touch you choose if you want to get a gentle rub or a firm deep tissue massage. Gear 1 to gear 2 – Soft and gentle massage, appropriate for relaxation. Gear 3 to gear 4- Firm massage to rejuvenate sore tissue and aching muscles Gear 5- deep tissue massage, helps get rid of body pain and promotes blood circulation.

6 customized swappable attachments

1.Ball / sphere Head- Mainly used for large muscles, helps get rid of stiffness and soreness. 2.Cone Head- Specially designed for deep tissue massage. Stimulate and exfoliate the pressure points. 3.Flat Head- Generally used for full body. Mainly used to relax the muscle and remove stiffness. 4.Fork Head- highly recommended and used for neck, shoulders, spine and calf muscles. 5.Custom-made stainless steel heads- recommended for a super strong massage. Can also be used as hot and cold 6.attachments. Heat them or refrigerate as per your choice.


1. 3200 RPM 2. Torque up to 75N 3. Brushless motor 4. Instant power up to 200W 5. Penetrate to 12 mm deep myofascial tissue under the skin 6. 6 different massage heads 7. Battery life up to 8 hours 8. LG imported batteries

Product Parameters


Intensity levels 5
Massaging heads 6
Battery LG Battery
Motor Brushless
Torque 75
Battery Life 8 – 9 hours approx
Carry Case yes
Warranty 15 months
Rated power 160 w


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