Omega, or better known as the King of small massage chairs.

Generation 5, 4D Thermo rollers

Omega has upgraded thermal control for a comfortable and realistic spa experience.
Omega is designed in an intelligent manner to make sure that the small and beautiful design can provide a royal experience for relaxation, back massage while challenging the big bulky massage chairs & back massage machine.

Artificial intelligence and professional massage techniques

Omega comes with various full automatic and distinguishing massage styles. The SL type, super –long track technology with a massage distance of 135 cm is capable of delivering sturdy, strong and reliable massage every time.

With 26 powerful airbags, the massage experience becomes divine and gives you a perfect balance between comfort and intensive massage.
The air bags inflate as per body size and compress from all side, shifting and stretching the body muscles and helping improve blood circulation.

Your personal masseuse

Zero gravity

  • More Relaxed massage
  • Feel at ease comfortable and relax deeply.
  • Feel weightlessness in space when the heart is lower than the legs.
  • Get rid of all physical pressure in this physical state. (use zero gravity image here)

New Upgraded Technology

Unlike other old massage chairs, the rollers don’t just go up, down, left or right, but they also go rear and bend forward for a better realistic experience.

Double micro detection and location technology

Omega scans the shoulders; back position and height to deliver the best and human touch feel to the body.
The 3Dtouch detection adapts to the change of human curve to massage more accurately and target the sore muscles and pressure points.

Foot Massage and Rejuvenating

Now experience the full legs and feet massage and revive your body. Specially designed with 3 layers of 3D foot rollers, 18 airbags and thermostat carbon heat.

The foot massager comprises of intelligent foot sensors that expands and contracts the foot rollers and massager to fit every person perfectly.

The airbags give firm shiatsu against the back and sides of the calves. Highly recommended for people who feel fatigue, get cramps, have swollen legs and suffer from poor blood circulation.

The 3D rollers move in various styles and direction while exfoliation and stimulating the pressure points.

24 automatic and several manual modes

With a wide variety of styles, you can choose to have a massage of your choice every single day. Omega has been designed by keeping everyone in mind. From various classical style massages like- relaxation, recovery, body sooth and stress recovery to geographic traditional styles like Thai stretch massage and Japanese massage.

The custom massage style are specially designed and divided into programs depending on daily routine and profession work. A different style of massage for a construction site worker, a different style for an office and desk job employee, a different style for a farmer and also different styles for body toning and relaxation.

With manual massage setting or back massage machine, you can choose what part of the body you want to be massaged, what position do you want to sit and have the massage and even choose the intensity and style of the massage.
Product Parameters .

Professional audio and 3D sorround

Sit back and relax. Enjoy the relaxing music or your disco vibes while you get a massage. Connect the speakers to any Bluetooth device and enjoy the massage

Heat Therapy

Enjoy and sooth your body with a warm massage. Help boost your blood flow with the full body heat therapy.
Hot leg compressions,
Hot waist compression
Warm foot massage

Full control with a single touch

The touchscreen remote give you access to all of Nightstar functions with a single touch. This includes the most advanced settings as well, such as pairing smart devices with the massage chair. The icons have been selected with care to make everything intuitive and handy. The armrest has 7 quick access buttons to facilitate access to the basic functions of the massage chair.

Product Parameters

Auto Programs 6
Manual programs 18
Heating full body infrared heating
Zero gravity YES
Recliner YES
Airbags 26
Foot massager Reflexology foot massager
Body scanner Yes
Massage rollers 3D
Controller Remote control and touch screen panel
Chair Weight 86 kg
Weight capacity 158kgs/td>
Bluetooth Speakers yes