Small Yet Super Powerful

The massage gun treats pain and reduces stiffness and soreness, producing revolutions per minute up to 3200-x high frequency. As your blood circulation increases using percussive therapy, the availability of oxygen to cells also increase leading to the removal of lactic acid, relieving all tension and pain and welcoming a variety of health benefits.

The silent storm

The powerful brushless motor penetrates deep and sends relaxing waves that help relax the muscles. The Nano massage gun comes with 5 adjustable speeds and 4 massage heads, which can be used to treat full body muscles and pressure points.
Even a single use of the massage gun helps and increases flexibility and helps get rid of sore muscles and body pain.

Beauty is an attitude, Health is pursuit

The Nano massage gun was made keeping the health and style both is mind.
The massage heads are made of EVA material that feels very soft and comfortable on the skin.
The handle and body is made of silicone, which makes it extremely comfortable to use and carry. At the same time, the brushless motor is super silent and strong which treats your body pain and stiffness from the very 1st use.

4 Customized Massage Heads

1.   EVA round head – General massage head that can be used all over the body such as waist, arms, calves, thighs, buttocks and shoulders

2.   Bullet Head – Suitable for impacting deep tissue such as palms, meridians, planters etc.

3.   Big Flat Head- Suitable for large and big muscle areas such as calves, thighs, back. The best head for relaxation and plasticity of muscles.

4.   Fork Head- suitable for palms, spine and calves. You can even use it, under your feet to trigger the pressure points and promote blood circulation.


Extra long battery life means extra massage and extra relief. The Nano massage gun is equipped with battery that lasts unto 8 hours per fill charge. Backed up with 75W brushless motor and 3200 MAH battery capacity.

The most Silent massage gun ever

The Nano massage gun is engineered in a brilliant manner to make is super quiet. With just 45DB, the massage gun makes no sound and you can hardly realize that the gun is switched on or off. There is no extra or loud sound whenever you increase the intensity of the massage gun. Use it on level one or level 5, we guarantee the sound doesn’t go up, only the strength does.

Product Features and Technical Specifications

Product Name Nano Massage gun
Application Body including neck / shoulder / arms / hands / back / haunch / legs / feet
Material Silicon hands & body
Color Pink
Massage Heads 4 heads include of round / bullet / fork / big flat
Speed 5 speed 3200 RPM
Battery Capacity 3200 MAH
Working time 8 Hours Constant
Warranty 2 years